IT Complexity Metrics - How do you measure up?


Apr 01, 2012

Download IT Complexity is so important that 'learning through failing' is no longer satisfactory given that this form of complexity so clearly and harshly impacts the cost, delivery quality and flexibility of the IT landscape.

We now need a robust and functioning model for complexity measurement and mitigation. This paper describes how Commerzbank, in partnership with Capco, is deriving such a model. We also examine how it can be developed over time to provide a cross-industry standard. Specifically, we will be looking at:

� The shape of the model - how does Commerzbank, with Capco's input, model complexity at the moment.

� The key components - a deconstruction of the key components of a rigorous understanding of complexity - the indicators - covering applications, interfaces, data and infrastructure.

� A pathway to live implementation - overview of the key steps required for an organization to start using rigorous, predictive complexity insight as a management lever.