Accounting Solution: Backbone of Investment Management

by SimCorp

Aug 04, 2012

Download Buy side Solvency at Risk

What does your firm own? What are your portfolios worth? How big is your exposure? Answers to these questions are key to managing your firm's solvency. However when 56% of the North American buy-side lack confidence in their current accounting systems; 30% admit it would take days or weeks to calculate exposure across all holdings; and 40% concede investments decisions are made using poor quality data; it's time to ask if outdated technology is failing you.

In a newly released white paper titled "Accounting Solutions: Backbone of Investment Management", Woodbine Associates explores how weakness in outdated accounting platforms compromises a buy-side firm's ability to be competitive and can lead to human error, compliance breaches, failure to detect fraud and incorrect valuation of portfolios.