11 Key Questions to Ask of a BI Solution

by Birst

Jul 26, 2012

Download This whitepaper first looks at the fundamental requirements that a BI solution should deliver to your company. Next, this whitepaper covers the 11 Key Questions that you should be asking of a future BI technology partner. When the BI provider can answer Yes to all of these questions, you have BI that is capable of fulfilling your analytical and reporting needs both today and over time - it is flexible, powerful, and efficient. It is BI that says Yes.

Any organization investing in business intelligence needs to define the capabilities that will help them to win against the strongest competitors in their market. Here are the four bedrock requirements that should define the core capabilities of your solution: historical analysis and reporting, forecasting and future projection, ability to integrate information from multiple business functions, and easily explored reporting and analysis.

If the solution that you are considering meets the Four Foundational Requirements, it is time to delve more deeply. Here are questions that will help you to assess your options and ensure that you are getting a robust, powerful solution that meets your business requirements.