Agile Business Analytics: How a New Generation Business Intelligence is Changing the Market Landscape

by Birst

Jul 26, 2012

Download Over 80% of organizations today have a Business Intelligence (BI) or reporting implementation and are quickly realizing that legacy BI is not suited for today's competitive market. Traditional BI is "big" in cost, go-to-market time and an implementation normally takes several months and in some cases more than a year; these projects do not meet the needs of dynamic environments and in most cases are rarely successful. Data discovery tools are often explored as an alternative to traditional BI and have a low time-to-market; however they do not deliver the features, technology or scalability required for an enterprise-class BI solution.

Agile business analytics offers an alternative solution by enabling flexibility in the technical, operational and economic aspects of BI. Enterprises ranked top business priorities for the year as 1/increasing enterprise growth, 2/retaining new customers, and 3/reducing costs - all things that an effective analytics strategy can impact. When asked about top IT priorities for the year, Business Intelligence was number 1; it is no wonder that Agile BI addresses every aspect of a BI installation - from data access to report development and distribution, deployment flexibility and user self-service. BI that is agile accelerates the development of solutions and empowers organizations to derive maximum value from its BI infrastructure and data sources. It delivers actionable content to business users and empowers them to get answers to their questions in a self-service environment.