Beyond Reporting: Requirements for Large-Scale Analytics

Sep 23, 2009

Download Are you one of those organizations that is eager to move beyond the delivery of basic reporting capabilities?

Do you want to empower business analysts�who sit at the intersection of data, process, and math�to create data-driven applications that deliver bottom-line insights from massive volumes of data?

To apply analytics against large volumes of data, organizations need a purpose-built analytics platform that runs on a massively parallel processing environment and supports custom-built analytical programs that can be invoked via SQL. In addition, the analytic platform should enable IT departments to create sandboxes in the corporate database that give analysts free reign to add their own data and run high-performance analytics without impeding performance of other users on the system.

Read this TDWI report to understand what solutions are available in today�s market and how Aster Data is helping companies use SQL+MapReduce intelligently to fulfilling their Big Data Warehouse needs.


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