Big Data, Bigger Opportunities: High-Performance Analytics at the Speed of Right Insights Report

by SAS

Jul 06, 2012

Download What are organizations and industry analysts saying about big data and high-performance analytics? This 30-page special report covers that and much more in a dozen must-read articles that are easy to digest at your own pace.

The topics range from tips and best practices on how to turn big data into business value, to case studies that prove why real-time decision making is redefining competitive advantage in today's global economy.

The industry-specific pains and promises surrounding high-performance analytics are also documented, with a range of success stories such as how Bank of America dramatically improved their credit risk assessment processes and how retailer used markdown optimization to customize pricing strategies at each individual store level.

Finally, for the readers who want more in-depth explanations of what high-performance analytics is all about, there are examples of how in-memory analytics, data integration and grid computing technologies are helping organizations visualize billions of rows of data in minutes and seconds rather than hours and days.