Bloor Report: Sybase IQ 15.3 In Detail

by Sybase

Sep 12, 2011

Download Unlike standard row-based databases that were originally designed for online transaction processing, Sybase has been engineered specifically for query processing and ad hoc analysis. As a result, Sybase IQ can offer significant performance and total cost of owner-ship advantages over traditional products for query-intensive computing requirements.

In terms of performance, these benefits have been significantly extended in this release with the introduction of the PlexQ architecture. These advantages will be most obvious in environments where the query loads are unpredictable, composed largely of ad hoc enquiries. In this scenario, traditional databases cannot be pretuned for unexpected queries, but the column-based approach used by Sybase IQ provides highly effective self-tuning capabilities.

In addition, complex queries that involve multiple selection criteria across a variety of tables, and those involving large table scans, can be deployed much more efficiently within a column-based environment.

Finally, Sybase IQ scales well for large data stores containing finely detailed transactions and sub-transactions, such as clickstream data. Sybase IQ does not require data to be pre-aggregated for analysis, allowing users to efficiently and quickly analyze atomic level data.

To conclude, Sybase IQ is well positioned to compete with both the traditional and appliance vendors. While it has different advantages in different environments it is our view that Sybase IQ merits careful review by organizations investigating data warehousing, high-speed analytics and business intelligence options.