Customer Order Orchestration: Cross Industry 2.0 Business Model Enablement by Frost & Sullivan

by IBM

Nov 15, 2011

Download The communications marketplace continues to emphasize customers - consumers, business customers, and enterprise users - as evidenced by an evolving universe of applications combined with network-based services. Most of these packages hold high customer appeal because of the user devices that are now available; mobile broadband connectivity that begins to rival fixed-line connections in some locales, a virtual sea of downloadable applications and an increasing business focus on cloud-based services.

These factors now enable personal levels of communication that have shifted from simple voice and text messaging to broadband everything. What will life be like 3 years, 7 years or even 10 years from now? Long-held Communications Service Provider (CSP) business models centered on technology will have to yield to alternative ways of doing businessement.

This report explains how the CSP community is presently positioned with a golden opportunity to improve the experience of each customer within the communications sector, and for those from other industries who are pushing to incorporate mobile communications into the services and products provided to their customers. It also explains how a "cross-industry 2.0" way of doing business requires transformation to a new paradigm in the industry.