Esri® Location Analytics for Business Intelligence

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Source: ESRI
Date: October 2012
Type: White Paper
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Overview: This paper discusses the market dynamics that are driving integration of two highly complementary enterprise software solutions: business intelligence (BI) and geographic information system (GIS) technology. It also outlines the benefits of such an integration and how to easily enable it with Esri® Location Analytics.

BI is a priority for organizations interested in gaining a competitive advantage. BI leverages corporate data and strategically equips knowledge workers with insights that drive sound business decisions.

As BI has matured, the reach of GIS has expanded significantly as well. In addition to specialty IT groups, GIS provides agility to a multitude of departments in many industries. It allows users to visualize and intelligently analyze historically underutilized data in ways not typically seen in traditional BI implementations.

Given the complementary natures of BI and GIS, the adoption of geographic analysis to enhance business intelligence is growing rapidly. Through the fusion of these two enterprise technologies, organizations can visualize and analyze key business data through "smart" maps to discover patterns and trends that would have been easily overlooked with traditional BI tables and charts.

In spite of the steady technological progression in the BI market, few organizations have made strides in integrating GIS technologies with business intelligence, even though there are obvious synergies between these two disciplines. However, given technological advances and the advent of enterprise-scale, high-performance, web-based solutions in both domains, the fit for BI and GIS presents a timely opportunity.

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