Funding IT in Higher Education: The Power of Partnership

Dec 16, 2011

Download According to the EDUCAUSE Current Issues Committee, funding IT was the number-one concern for IT leaders last year. Though current tough economic times have added an additional challenge to the task, clever and committed higher education leaders and their colleagues are discovering new ways to facilitate the effective utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to increase student learning and advance the mission of their institutions.

IT leaders continue to leverage creative problem solving and careful strategic planning to introduce truly revolutionary, technology-enriched courses from which brand-new standards of excellence in teaching and learning are emerging.

The resulting ICT-enriched courses offer unique opportunities for the institution to address learner diversity, promote pedagogical innovation and personalization of instruction, improve teaching effectiveness, and enable all members of the learning community to co-create the curriculum in ways never before possible.

In addition, through the effective use of virtualization, cloud/grid computing, online collaborations, enhanced mobility, and mutually beneficial partnerships, and by focusing on hiring and supporting a highly trained and diverse staff, institutions of higher education are realizing enhanced organizational effectiveness and efficiencies while increasing authentic, inquiry-driven, student-centered teaching/learning experiences for all members of the learning community. Download this whitepaper to learn more.