IBM Intelligent Transportation: Provides citywide traffic visibility to help alleviate congestion and rapidly respond to incidents

by IBM

May 18, 2012

Download Transportation is the vital means of connecting people, goods and services. The smooth operation of a transportation system can not only determine the level of economic activity and output of cities but also have a dramatic effect on the quality of life for citizens and commuters. But with today's shrinking city budgets, there is often no funding available to rebuild or expand aging public transportation infrastructures.

In larger cities, traffic infrastructures tend to operate at near or full capacity, making it crucial to find more immediate ways to optimize the efficiency of existing transportation assets.

Significant increases in urbanization over the last 50 years have placed a burden on city transportation systems. Clogged roadways not only delay the delivery of goods and the movement of people, they also contribute to pollution as cars and trucks sit in traffic.

Many cities are still in the early stages of developing a unified transportation system, which is critical to driving economic vitality and supporting the needs of citizens. And with more cars on the road every day, the challenge of gaining citywide visibility into these complex transportation systems has rapidly become a top priority for city managers, operators and agency directors.