Report authoring with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

by IBM

Nov 06, 2012

Download The business value of reporting is simple: it not only communicates a company's performance, but helps the company understand it. With it, executives, managers and business users can take action on recent information. It creates a common context for decision-making in every department and at every level.

At its best, reporting is an integral part of performance management. However, IT departments and report authors can be challenged when they try to deliver these simple values to a wide variety of users with different needs and from a wide variety of different data sources.

The past limitations of reporting technology, such as its traditional inability to address these requirements, once prevented the much discussed but seldom delivered -single view of the truth? that modern organizations like yours need.

Fortunately, because of new technologies, this is no longer the case. With IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence authors can create reports that meet the needs of everyone in your organization. This paper explains how.