Seven Things You Must Consider Before Deploying a Telehealth Device

Oct 14, 2013

Download Telehealth will be one of the most important categories of medical care in the 21st century because it encompasses both preventative and curative aspects. It also benefits patients where access to healthcare is affected by distance or a lack of local specialists. Telehealth technologies have already clearly demonstrated their value for reducing hospitalizations and ER visits, while improving the patient outcomes and quality of life, however, when it comes to deploying telehealth devices, it's not a one-size-fits-all model.

Complete the form and learn all the things you need to consider before deploying your telehealth devices, including:

� Finding the best rate plan to minimize your overall cost of ownership
� Extending the life of your devices by optimizing technology capabilities
� The level of patient engagement with the data your device is collecting


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