The Big Data Zoo - Taming the Beasts

by IBM

Nov 01, 2013

Download Big data is probably the single most important trend in information usage for both business and IT in the past decade. It is changing the way companies make decisions, do business, succeed or fail. And it is causing IT to look beyond traditional technologies, to new tools to process larger data volumes of a variety of types faster than ever before required.

Much of the focus on big data has missed one key point: big or small, it's still data. It must be managed and integrated across the entire enterprise to extract its full value, to ensure its consistent use. Taming big data is the key to gaining that value.

This analyst paper highlights three key aspects:

• The foundation for extracting maximum business value from big data at the source is a technically diverse and deeply integrated platform for all information, both big data and traditional transactions.

• An enterprise-level approach?platform, products and processes' is mandatory to ensure long-term quality and use of big data in concert with existing business data.

• Rapid deployment of projects is needed to take earliest advantage of emerging business opportunities and is achieved by introducing big data capabilities incrementally.