The buy-side ecosystem: the interconnectivity of risk

by IBM

Jun 18, 2013

Download Relationships between buy-side institutions (including insurers, pension funds, asset managers, hedge funds, wealth managers and asset servicers) are changing as a result of new regulations that are forcing the buy-side to manage risk to new standards. Regulators, supervisory bodies and rating agencies set much of the agenda for asset owners, managers and servicers and one needs to look no further than Solvency II, UCITS, MFID, AIFMD and Dodd-Frank to get a good feel of the impact that this can have across the whole of the buy-side. Transparency of risk is on virtually every regulatory agenda and more so than ever before, there is a heavy dependence between buy-side institutions in order to comply and stay in business, let alone to prosper.
This white paper sets out to gather the views of senior risk executives from across the buy-side and other interested parties on how to deal with this greater interconnectivity of risk.