The Road to BI Success


Dec 02, 2011

Download It's not surprising that BI continues to be a top investment priority, given mounting evidence of bottom line benefits. Yet despite all the benefits available, not all organizations are seeing maximum value from their BI investments.

Both SAP and industry analysts agree that the key success factor for BI projects is an end-to-end strategy � that can help prioritize investments across the company, articulate how BI can solve business pains, deliver more value to users, help eliminate expensive duplication, guide technology decisions, and realize the full potential of individual BI projects.

Download the IDC analyst paper �The Road to BI Success� for concise answers about what is required to reach the highest levels of BI competency and pervasiveness. You�ll learn:

� Why it�s essential to have an enterprise-wide strategy that addresses the needs of both IT and business users and helps everyone in the organization move in the same direction
� How a BI strategy can add value to a process composed of many incremental BI projects
� What factors you should consider when creating a BI strategy � and how to assess your organization�s BI competency and effectiveness