Top 5 BI Process Management Challenges

by Cisco

Dec 06, 2010

Download Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and the extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes that support them are vital to equipping corporate decision makers with the information they need to maintain and improve business performance, successfully scale up as their business grows, and identify and implement new business initiatives and strategies. Key to getting current and accurate data in a timely manner is to ensure that the processes that move data from source to target systems run smoothly and quickly and that any errors are identified and resolved quickly, without having IT staff waste valuable time finding and fixing issues manually.

The biggest problem with scheduling BI and ETL jobs is achieving error-free, end-to-end integration between the processes that are distributed throughout the enterprise that supply the necessary data. The introduction of a system that can run itself, manage its own dependencies, and that doesn�t need to be monitored at every step would help reduce time constraints and error-prone manual intervention. The overall benefits of an automated system would be increased processing efficiencies and fewer mistakes.

This paper examines five frequently encountered BI and ETL process management pain points, which can affect the accuracy and timeliness of vital enterprise data delivery. This includes dashboards, interactive analytics and standard reports, which are often used to make far-reaching business decisions. This paper also discusses how each of these pain points can be successfully managed using process automation technology.