Building Analytic Applications in the Cloud


Jun 19, 2013

Download Over the last 5 years, Big Data and other major technology trends�chiefly cloud computing, social networking, mobile communications and new analytic technology applications�have created new opportunities for companies to propel their decision-making capabilities.

But building applications that can leverage the volume, variety and velocity of Big Data is the next challenge facing organizations of all sizes.

Download the white paper "Decision Management for the Masses" and learn the best practices in building analytic applications that leverage Big Data. In this white paper you'll learn:

•  How to apply Big Data to predict customer behavior and create personalized messages

•  How Decision Management makes Big Data-powered business intelligence actionable

•  How the Cloud puts Big Data-driven analytics and decision management in the hands of organizations of all sizes, including those outside of the Fortune 100, by reducing costs, complexity and time-to-insight