Context-Centered Data Services: The Next IT Decision Support Challenge


Mar 01, 2014

Download IT decision support impacts all aspects of technology management, from governance and strategy to budgets and resource plans. The effectiveness of IT decision support all too frequently falls prey to data-driven challenges - like overwhelming volumes, heterogenous data types, and complexity - that make it difficult to understand the data in context. Just as the cobbler's children in the old fable had no shoes, IT leaders are falling foul of the very same decision support challenges that IT works hard to avoid across their firms' other organizations. And the really bad news: This challenge is expected to get worse - and to spread beyond the IT organization. In the summer of 2013, BDNA commissioned Forrester Consulting to assess how data impacts the effectiveness of IT decision support. To that end, Forrester developed a survey to test the hypothesis that data challenges limit the effectiveness of IT decision support - and that dealing with these challenges will lead to large companies depending on third-party help. To test this thinking, Forrester conducted surveys with 115 US senior-level IT decision-makers (IT and corporate management leaders) - adding in-depth follow-up interviews with some of them. Forrester found this hypothesis to be true: Data-driven challenges limit the effectiveness of IT decision support - and many users expect to turn to thirdparty vendors for help.