Cross-Functional Warranty Management: A Closed-Loop Approach to Boost Profitability

Sep 01, 2010

Download For gaining competitive edge in every single deal, it has become essential for manufacturers to differentiate themselves in terms of product quality, price, and customer service. Warranty performance of an organization elects an opportunity for cost reduction and product improvement. End-to-end deployment of an automated warranty system, integrated with critical business functions, helps close the loop and remove functional silos within the organization. It enables all stakeholders to work in coordination to achieve common objectives, such as reduced costs, improved after-market revenues, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased sales. That�s how OEMs can transform their warranty to offer a distinctive edge to their product and service offerings. In this white paper,Tavant Technologies presents the key aspects of closed-loop warranty lifecycle management, which can significantly reduce the total warranty spend and reserves, improve product quality, and increase end-customer satisfaction.


Tavant Technologies