eBook: Accelerating Systems Management in Government and Education

Jul 10, 2012

Download Anyone who works in IT for an educational institution or state or local government knows that budget pressures are an everyday reality. The economic challenges of the past several years have taken their toll on state revenues and school funding, and, as a result, IT organizations have had to postpone upgrading their infrastructures or hiring new staff.

Yet the expectations for service demands have not abated. There's a constant call for new online government services, mobile access, online student resources and records, faster performance for any number of state and school services, greener technology and countless other innovations.

With this status quo, fulfilling any of these demands seems a distant possibility. In response, savvy IT departments are shaking up their approach; instead of looking for new funding, many are striving to boost operational efficiency to free up dollars that would otherwise have been spent on routine maintenance tasks. And, when every penny counts, IT departments are seeking efficient ways to protect and manage existing assets.

Download this interactive ebook to learn how IT departments in state and local governments and K-12 education organizations are meeting these challenges. You'll learn:

• The six essential features to look for IT systems management solutions
• The role of appliances in simplifying and reducing costs in systems management
• What specific challenges K-12 education faces and solutions for addressing them
• Which IT systems management technologies meet the budget, staffing and other pressures government and education IT departments