Five Ways for SMBs to Succeed Using Unified Communications

Jul 28, 2011

Download How effectively your company communicates with customers, suppliers, business partners and employees can be the difference between the business won and the business lost. The reality is that a breakdown in communications could easily send your customers to a competitor - and for SMBs, each and every customer is important.

The White Paper written by Blair Pleasant, Co-Founder of UCStrategies, presents the five key ways to be successful in your business by utilizing Unified Communications (UC). UC is defined as communications integrated to optimize business processes. By integrating real-time (such as voice or telephony) and non-real-time communications (such as messaging) with business processes and presenting a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types, UC lets people connect, communicate and collaborate seamlessly. And surprisingly, many SMBs are benefiting from elements of UC today without even knowing it.

The paper provides a list of the results that small and medium businesses can achieve by utilizing UC, such as efficiency and effectiveness, reduced costs, increased revenues, and enhanced customer relationships.