IBM breaks new ground with Blueworks Live

by IBM

Mar 04, 2011

Download At first glance, Blueworks Live might look like a simple updating and blending of two overlapping services. However when you look deeper, the service offers two valuable developments to customers and prospects.

Firstly, it provides companies with an opportunity to start to exert appropriate-weight structure and control over today�s unstructured, unmanaged knowledge and administration work.

The value of this isn�t just about improving productivity for individuals and taking weight off corporate software development teams; it�s also valuable for corporations; governance, risk and compliance (GRC) efforts which struggle with huge mountains of spreadsheet- and email-based procedures.

Secondly, Blueworks Live can act as an amplifier for existing BPM centre of excellence (CoE) efforts, creating a social hub; around the work of a CoE on which customers an start to grow communities of practice.

Blueworks Live also creates three distinct opportunities for IBM to grow its business and influence in BPM and related areas:
- by providing a tool with potentially wide reach not only within large enterprises, but also within small and medium businesses (SMBs)
- by potentially providing a platform within which partners can directly plug complementary services
- and by potentially providing a platform which can be applied to the needs of other business-IT competencies.