ROI Case Study: Lean BPM with Business Mashups

Mar 05, 2009

Download In today�s economy, business process improvement is cited as the #1 tool to cut costs. Reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving business processes have never been more relevant. This study profiles three major companies that saved $100,000s in time and money with Business Mashup technology � delivering collaborative, process-centric applications.

Lean business process management (BPM) provides the ability to reduce costs and increase productivity without the need to code or lengthy consulting engagement � a luxury in today�s budgets. With tight or decreasing budgets, an uncertain economy, and organizational cost-cutting, improving business processes offers a real solution to reducing costs, streamlining current processes, and improving productivity - even during a downturn.

Serena Business Mashups delivers Lean BPM that enable business process improvement in your organization by helping to automate current processes, better coordinate work between systems, groups, and people, and enable collaboration across organizations. Organizations commonly realize productivity gains of more than 80% by using Business Mashups to automate and coordinate activities across people and systems. For one telecommunications company, this translated into savings of $624,000/year as a result of using Business Mashups�and that�s in just one department. A retail organization is realizing $4 million in annual cost savings due to Business Mashups.

One company profiled in this case study experienced a double digit increase in employee productivity and now generates customer quotes more than 2,000 times faster. Another saves of 2,500 man-hours/year, and a third reduced prep time for Sarbanes-Oxley IT audits from three days to two hours.


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