The 8 Worst Practices in Master Data Management and How to Avoid Them

Nov 19, 2013

Download Did you launch your master data management (MDM) initiative without an agency executive sponsor?

Have you skipped developing a business case in support of your program?

Does your agency not recognize the importance of people, politics, and culture for MDM success?

If you've committed or suffered from these MDM worst practices, learn how to avoid them and others from MDM expert and Hub Designs Founder Dan Power. In this white paper you'll learn how to "get it right" by understanding where things can go horribly wrong when planning and designing a MDM and data governance program. Download this white paper today to learn the eight worst practices in MDM and why they're on our list, including:

� Best practices for launching a successful MDM initiative that delivers fast ROI
� How improved master data and sound governance principles will increase competitive advantage, drive new revenue, reduce costs, and enable better compliance and decision-making

Download this white paper today to learn from the experts how to get your agency's MDM initiatives right by avoiding the eight worst practices in master data management.


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