The Evolving Workforce: The Workforce Perspective US

Feb 22, 2012

Download The American worker is highly conversant with technology and also optimistic about the transformational power of technology in the workplace. Technology is widely seen as an enabler of many of the core characteristics of the workplace including: trust between employer and employee; personal freedom; and flexibility - in terms of working hours, remote working as well as seeking new ways of getting things done.

Already well established, these trends are expected to continue to increase in the future. Encouragingly, in the US, one of the most technologically-advanced societies in the world and where fl exible working has perhaps been established longer than almost any other country in the world, work-life balance appears to be tilting in favor of the employee. Only a small percentage feel pressured to work longer hours. Among the younger generation of workers there is optimism that technology will actually be a help, not a hindrance to work-life balance.