Best Practices for Secure Enterprise Content Mobility

Sep 27, 2012

Download The proliferation of mobile devices and the popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are creating new security challenges for enterprises. Employees are using devices such as iPads and smartphones to access and store business data. And they're relying on email and consumer-grade file-sharing services to share and access this data. As a result, enterprise data has never been easier to access and more difficult to secure.

To secure mobile devices while enabling employees to share data securely, organizations need a comprehensive and flexible solution for secure enterprise content mobility. A secure enterprise content mobility solution complements Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions and enables mobile workers to easily share data with other authorized users, while ensuring that data is always secure and IT operations are always compliant.

Read this whitepaper to learn best practices for secure mobile content management and how you can enable your road warriors to be as productive as possible on any device anywhere, anytime.