Enterprise Findability Without the Complexity

by Google

Oct 01, 2008

Download With the clutter of information inside enterprises today, effective findability is fast becoming a necessity. Users are asking for it and executives are demanding it as �instant information� becomes increasingly critical to business productivity. In fact, a recent AIIM survey revealed that 62% of respondents saw findability as �imperative or significant� to their overall business goals and success. Only 5% reported that it wasn�t a factor.

The increasing importance of data findability has left IT departments working to find the �right� solution for findability within their multiple information and content architectures. While some IT leaders continue to use embedded search tools inside their content repositories, others have pursued �enterprise search� solutions intended to search multiple content repositories. However, nearly all IT departments face the same reality: complexity. Most find themselves still seeking ways to bring instant-access data findability to their organizations and the people within them.