Connecting the Dots: Are You Seeing the Complete Big Data Picture?

May 19, 2013

Download Without an entity-based architecture, can you accurately understand risk? Without the ability to maintain a transparent view of exposure, are you getting the full picture? And even with complete coverage, is your reference data consistent for regulatory purposes?

Several recessions, a severe credit crisis, heightened regulatory oversight, and a squeeze on margins have made the last decade a bumpy ride. There are stringent regulations, causing firms to scramble to keep compliant; investment professionals are expected to be more skilled, garnering market insight across multiple regions and asset classes; and the exponential growth in market data puts greater stress on technology.

Firms that are able to effectively leverage and connect their internal and external content assets will thrive. In this white paper we define FactSet's response to the need for a shift in the primary key from security to entity as a way to manage the influx of information and increased complexity of data. Read it now.


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