Improve BI Query Performances: OLAP Option Compressed Composites

Mar 22, 2010

Download If you're running BI queries against an Oracle database, you have a powerful way of speeding up those queries that you may not know about. It's called a Compressed Composite and, when used with the OLAP Option, it can dramatically improve query performance for almost any tool. In a recent test, Escendo Corp. demonstrated how the use of Compressed Composites can reduce query time by 40% or more, and reduce the size of the data by 90% or more. And, because Compressed Composites are built into Oracle OLAP, many organizations already own it but just aren't using it. Compressed Composites will not store the redundant cells, will not create a space for them in its composite structure, and will not build an index entry to map them. Thus, all these structures are smaller and perform better, according to Escendo.