Increase Agility and Reduce Costs with a Logical Data Warehouse

Mar 04, 2014

Download A Logical Data Warehouse solves the problem of consolidating critical data scattered across silos, providing a comprehensive, actionable view of data assets. Coined by Gartner, the 'Logical Data Warehouse' is also referred to as 'data virtualization,' 'data layer,' 'data cloud,' and many other terms depending on the industry and environment.

No matter what term is used, a Logical Data Warehouse solution powered by MarkLogic is an active, searchable enterprise data layer that presents a unified view of multi-structured and unstructured data across organizational silos. Logical Data Warehouses can greatly reduce implementation time and costs associated with new information products and services, support secure information sharing across different user communities, and 'future proof' technical infrastructure against changes to data sources.

The approach described in this paper has been implemented by public and private sector organizations to provide access quickly-usually within a few weeks-to data assets located in silos both within and outside their organizations. This helps them to analyze and share information vital to national security, healthcare, asset management, and other core business initiatives.
This paper:
� defines how a Logical Data Warehouse works
� illustrates the benefits and cost-effectiveness of a metadata-centric data virtualization approach
� describes how a Logical Data Warehouse can provide a comprehensive view of all critical data assets and support agility in application development and analysis
�explains advantages provided by using the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform.


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