Big Data Analytics Guide 2012

by Sybase

Oct 16, 2012

Download What's the big deal with Big Data? Today, organizations of all types and sizes are inundated with enormous data sets from various internal and external sources-from transactional data to unstructured data from social media and other sources. Organizations can struggle to get ahead of-or out from under-the increasing piles of data flooding into their businesses, or they can use innovative new technologies to leverage the data to gain competitive advantage, fight fraud, ease regulatory compliance, or boost operational efficiencies.

To further your path toward better, smarter ways of working with data, we've put together a series of articles in the 2012 Big Data Analytics Guide. Within these pages you'll find real solutions, real ways of operating, real results, and perhaps most importantly real technology that can be used in your business today. The guide outlines the opportunity and business case for Big Data in the first chapter, and subsequent chapters look at SAP technology innovations, real-world examples, and insights from analytics leaders who are on the forefront of the Big Data trend. In the last chapter, you'll find market research statistics that highlight how C-level executives are using Big Data now and their plans for using it in the future.

See how you can use Big Data to gain a competitive advantage in this complimentary guide from SAP.