The Big Data Opportunity: Instrumenting Your Business for Competitive Advantage

by Birst

Aug 22, 2012

Download Big Data strategies - those that use massively parallel, specialized systems to tap the intelligence held in high volumes of distributed, unstructured data - are changing industries, and creating winners and also-rans. Invaluable information, culled from data collected at customer interaction points, is being used to drive product and service development, marketing and other activities to achieve unprecedented gains in market share, wallet share, revenues and loyalty.

These Big Data Analytics concepts aren't new - companies like Harrah's, American Airlines and Wal-Mart pioneered them long ago - but they're now feasible for more organizations to attempt. Where once only resource-rich organizations could afford to leverage Big Data and focus on centralized, information-rich data sources, now enterprises of all sizes can apply Big Data strategies to larger collections of distributed, less structured data - if they employ the right tools and techniques.

This white paper discusses why Big Data matters - and analyses a tiered approach and strategy to launch a successful Big Data initiative.