Accelerating Business Performance

May 06, 2010

Download This paper examines the value of collaborative and �social� concepts and their associated technologies towards achieving core performance goals and facilitating underlying business process.

Understanding how to orchestrate greater value and flexibility from large enterprise backbone applications in conjunction with newer, more agile�Enterprise 2.0� processes and technologies to effectively support critical business functions is a major challenge for business leadership. We examine the challenges of inflexible legacy �1.0� business designs and underlying systems against the rise of the �Web 2.0� experienced employee influenced by consumer web, broadband and mobile technology use patterns. We then introduce the concept of enabling key business processes with the strategic use of collaborative and �social� concepts along with your existing technology and program investments, to accelerate business performance. Finally we discuss specific ways to get value from blending new agile approaches with your existing programs technologies in the context of key business functions.


Enterprise 2.0 Conference