The IBM Agile Information Governance Process

by IBM

Dec 16, 2013

Download We are literally drowning in data today. Companies are increasingly turning to big data to drive analytic and operational applications, and also using big data technologies to modernize legacy infrastructures. Information governance best practices are critical to the success of these initiatives.

Businesses need processes that leverage their existing governance programs to accelerate big data initiatives and reduce the time to implement new projects. A robust platform for big data, integration and governance can provide:

• In-context information that supports an enhanced 360-degree view of the customer

• Reduced storage costs and improved application performance through archiving

• The ability to create, manage and share enterprise-wide common business terminology

• Approaches that help spot anomalies to combat sophisticated threats

The IBM Agile Information Governance Process white paper explores the steps in this process and how the IBM big data platform can set you on the right path.