INETCO's Insight of the Week #3 - Seeking Shelter from the Blamestorm

Jun 07, 2010

Download It's common to have a variety of partners managing various pieces of your payment processing environment - such as the payment networks, data centers, the switch technology, authorization gateways, issuers, and the banking systems -- especially as new services are tacked on, and mergers and acquisitions continue to rock the payment processing industry. But verifying the performance of silo'd departments and third party partners responsible for major components of your ATM and POS payment transaction channels is not an easy task. Business transaction management software can help you ensure transaction response times and completion rates meet expected third party service level agreements. BTM will help you to monitor and manage the performance of all your payment processing components, without spending significant amounts of time and money on partnership management. Also extend your monitoring beyond your payment processing environment to gain a complete view of third party external links such as authorization gateways, issuers and telcos. Avoid the blamestorm, and make sure you are getting what you paid for.


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