Server Room Solutions: How small to midsize IT businesses can make their IT budgets appear larger than they are

by Raritan

Oct 12, 2011

Download Managers of small and midsize IT departments must deliver uninterrupted service 24/7. Undersized budgets, bare bones staff, increasingly complex infrastructures and miniature workspaces are all part of the equation they're expected to solve. But there's a danger in this juggling act, and even the most skillful managers are vulnerable.

Managers of small to midsize IT departments, engulfed with day-to-day operational problems, have little time to make plans to expand capacity. Without additional capability, revenue is stagnant and budgets remain low. It's a negative cycle that not only restrains their growth but also threatens their survival.

Fortunately, data management tools are available that can optimize the utility of existing technology, boost security and strengthen disaster fail-safe programs. They have the effect of "leveling the playing field" with regard to large business data centers so that smaller IT operations can enter a cycle of growth.