The Supercharging Retail Branch Performance

by Verint

Jul 30, 2012

Download Retail banks face challenging times. In addition to global economic pressures and intense competition, in-person visits to branches are down. More and more customers are using other channels for routine transactions and are often encouraged to do so.

As a result, branch employees have fewer face-to-face opportunities to win customer loyalty, build customer relationships, and sell more products and services. This situation makes it even more important for branches to deliver a high-quality customer experience during each interaction, make the most of each opportunity to drive sales, and capture crucial information about customer preferences and habits.

In the past, banks could easily evaluate the quality of customer interactions in their contact centers but lacked the tools to pull together data on similar interactions at the branch. Fortunately, advanced technology enhancements incorporated into branch software solutions can now help fill this gap. These innovative solutions can help banks measure and use the data about customers who visit branches to foster deeper relationships, increase customer satisfaction, and expand wallet share.

Today's organizations must be flexible and adopt new solutions in order to maintain profitability, even as branch traffic decreases and consumer expectations of service continue to rise. By leveraging new technology skillfully, retail banks can gain the opportunity to leap ahead of the competition by cultivating long-lasting, profitable customer relationships through the branch channel.