Workforce Optimization in Insurance Claims Operations: Adding People to the Productivity Equation

by Verint

May 01, 2011

Download In this eBook, Verint Systems takes a closer look at the opportunities for improved efficiencies left on the table by current technology and practices. Verint explains workforce optimization- a software solution for improving staff productivity and performance in the back office, as well as in other parts of the organization. Back-office workforce optimization solutions are now available to help insurers process more customer transactions with fewer resources, reduce turnaround times and costs, improve bottom-line profitability and customer satisfaction, and more.

Discover how insurers are increasingly relying on workforce optimization solutions to manage a range of tasks, including:

� Monitoring employee performance and processing effectiveness at the desktop for improved quality.

� Matching work with employee skills and availability to minimize downtime.

� Tracking service levels to ensure deadlines are met.

� Automating many lower-value administrative tasks, such as scheduling, item tracking, report creation, freeing management to focus on achieving better claims outcomes.