AmFed Gains 16-month ROI with ImageNow Automated Workflow Technology

Jan 15, 2006

Download As AmFed, the fastest growing provider of insurance in Mississippi, expanded, it was inundated by 2.4 million documents. AmFed chose ImageNow to better manage processes in the utilization management, claims, accounts payable and underwriting departments. Since deployment, ImageNow has delivered $2.5 million cost savings, and a 16-month payback on investment. Seamless integration between ImageNow and AmFed�s multiple insurance and business applications gives AmFed employees instant, single-click access to any detail in insureds� files, enabling them to answer customer queries immediately. ImageNow has also elevated productivity by replacing cumbersome, paper-based processes with automated workflow, which enables users to electronically route documents between offices without the risk of misplacement that paper posed. For example, AmFed uses ImageNow Workflow to speed the issuance of homeowner insurance policies. Underwriters process applications and forward them to a manager�s approval queue or quote pending queue. When AmFed is ready to issue a policy, documentation is sent to one of several company queues assigned to AmFed and its insurance partners. The policy is then issued and routed to the complete queue. WebNow, the browser-based companion of ImageNow, enables AmFed employees to view documents simultaneously from any location. WebNow also is reducing the intrusiveness of the auditing process. Auditors easily view and assess claim files without needing to come to the company�s headquarters. �We offer more than insurance here,� says Jennifer Muse, director of special projects at AmFed. �We needed a complete product that could grow with us in


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