Custom Solutions in Moxy Help First Trust Manage Growth

Jun 06, 2010

Download A key feature of Moxy is a built-in modeling capability which bridges the gap between portfolio construction and trade execution. The modeling engine has provided First Trust with the scalability to keep pace with its ever-increasing trade volume. �The way our business has grown over the last five years, it just makes a system like Moxy very important,� Mr. Testin says. �When we go to rebalance accounts, we need to automate as much as possible. Moxy has helped us automate the whole process.� Once accounts are rebalanced and trades are set up in Moxy, they must be converted to other formats for execution on some 20 different platforms, including all the major wirehouses and money center banks. Fortunately, Moxy interfaces easily with a variety of third-party systems. �We have to use a combination of systems,� Mr. Testin, �but it all centers around Moxy.�


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