Designing and Publishing Information Dashboards with Panopticon EX

May 12, 2009

Download This webinar uses hands-on examples to explain best practices for creating and publishing new interactive Dashboards with Panopticon EX. It demonstrates how quickly and easily you can build and publish fast analytic displays. If you are already using Excel or PowerPoint, you'll see how you can be up and running with EX in just a few minutes. Panopticon EX is our comprehensive data visualization platform for web and desktop deployment. It includes the desktop EX Designer authoring tool as well as an enterprise EX Server component to support web deployment to any number of users. Its data visualization tools are suitable for small or large-scale implementations and may also be incorporated into public websites. Panopticon EX makes it easier than ever to explore complex databases, identify outliers and understand underlying trends. Most organizations can install EX and start using it within hours. This webinar will help make that process as easy as possible. Panopticon EX includes our Treemap, Heatmap, and Scatter Plot data visualizations and uses our unique StreamCube´┐Ż OLAP data model for on-the-fly data aggregations and slicing and dicing. Our clients use Panopticon EX in a variety of applications, including risk and performance monitoring in financial services and sales and profit analysis in retail operations. Peter Simpson, our VP of Research & Development, explains the steps involved in creating and publishing new EX Dashboards.


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