Healthcare Reform Will Talk SMAC

by ISG

Feb 08, 2014

Download The Affordable Care Act creates a powerful set of incentives to expose and eliminate inefficiency and drive a transition from the existing fee-for-services model to bundled payments and outcome-based service delivery across treatments and supply chains. In this emerging environment, insurers will transform into true "wellness" companies, with a financial stake in improving the health of their covered populations.

The disruptive technologies of social media, mobility, analytics and big data and Cloud (SMAC) will play a crucial role in driving this transformation.

Specifically, payers and providers will have to collaborate to develop shared risk/reward delivery systems that can:

� Offer wellness programs targeted to individual needs and interests, including tailored incentives and rewards
� Analyze the health impact of wellness programs in terms of reduced demand for health services
� Quantify the financial impact of improved health and reduced demand for healthcare services

This ISG white paper describes each of the SMAC technologies in the context of their role in driving healthcare reform and enabling the transformation to a new model of delivering and managing healthcare. Future articles will examine the areas outlined here in greater detail.