Things To Look For In A Bank Vendor

Jan 22, 2013

Download The selection and implementation of an imaging and document management solution can seem overwhelming. Your institution will have many concerns and questions as you work through the selection process, but ultimately must ensure that the needs and requirements of your institution will be met in the product selected.

A successful implementation starts with the right foundation. This document is meant to help you build that foundation by understanding and working through critical steps in the process. As you begin this process, your institution may find other business processes or organizational needs that will be affected by the final vendor choice. It is important to remember that selecting an imaging and document management vendor is not just about the technology. The final product chosen will impact your users and processes such as file management and exception tracking.

We have developed six steps we feel are critical in helping you choose and successfully implement the imaging and document management product that will be the best fit for your institution:

1. Know Your Resources
2. Identify Your Stakeholders AND Create Your Team
3. Analyze Your Needs & Specify Your Requirements
4. Evaluate & Select Vendor
5. Manage Implementation
6. Keep Communicating