Insurance Providers: Improving Customer Retention through the Contact Center

by Jacada

Dec 01, 2008

Download Customer experience is a big deal for the insurance industry, and doing it right has never been more critical than now. In fact, Nationwide Insurance found that a 1% increase in customer retention increased annual premiums by $1 million. In order to master providing a consistent � and consistently positive � customer experience, insurance companies must rebuild their contact center operations around the customer. The problem? Desktop complexity in the insurance contact center, which is particularly prevalent in the insurance industry. Some insurance companies have more than 20 applications and tools on the desktop. That means that CSRs, who are supposed to provide quality and timely service to customers on each call, end up navigating through dozens of non-integrated applications. The good news is that implementing a unified desktop in the contact center will help insurers overcome all of the above-mentioned challenges, giving the CSR that fully integrated view of each customer. A unified desktop solution is the quickest and most efficient way to improve customer retention while reducing your cost of operations � it�s the insurance policy you need to keep your customers� business for years to come.