Sales and Service


Apr 01, 2012

Download What are the forces reshaping the financial services industry?

Customer expectations are evolving and new channels are proliferating. Credit and market risks are growing. The lines between traditional and nontraditional banks continue to blur. These and other factors are having an unprecedented impact on the industry, compelling institutions to address competitive threats, solidify customer relationships, and strengthen fraud prevention and security measures.

How has the industry responded?

Forward-looking institutions are striving to provide the products and services that customers want, as well as the ability to interact with the institution in the manner they choose. To do this, institutions are expanding cross-selling capabilities, reevaluating channel strategies and examining their use of technology.

How can Capco help you realize significant transformational opportunities?

Our multichannel banking sales and service transformation process can help you measurably improved customer experience, while achieving substantial efficiency gains, cost reductions and revenue enhancements. We will work with you to:

� Design a consistent customer experience, with the flexibility to move customers across channels without rework.

� Improve cross-selling capabilities to increase value through higher initial sales and customer retention.

� Provide customers with richer cross-channel, self-service capabilities and faster issue resolution. Potential impact: 40 percent increase in cross-sell ratios and 25 percent improvement in outbound telemarketing.