ImageNow for Insurance: Speeding & Simplifying Line-of-Business and Administrative Processes

Mar 01, 2008

Download This wide-reaching catalog illustrates how ImageNow meets the enterprise-wide needs of today�s insurance market. From claims processing to policy services to AP and HR, customers worldwide use ImageNow to speed and simplify line-of-business and administrative processes alike, and this booklet explains how. ImageNow integrates with existing to deliver supporting documents � everything from policy applications to first notices of loss to invoices � with just a single click, directly from the software applications employees use daily. Instead of navigating a mass of paperwork, staff members can quickly and securely route documents electronically through ImageNow Workflow. In addition to meeting the functionality needs of insurance customers ImageNow also supports disaster planning and compliance initiatives, extends the value of existing technology and, most importantly, enables users to serve customers more effectively. Whether starting as a single-department solution and expanding as the budget allows or deploying document management enterprise-wide right away, customers find that ImageNow delivers rapid and lasting return on investment. Perceptive Software�s unique business model enables users to get up and running quickly and empowers them to manage their ImageNow project in-house. This unique approach minimizes total cost of ownership.


Perceptive Software