Revolution of the Customer-Focused Enterprise: How banks are driving new value through information, insight, and interaction

by IBM

Mar 13, 2013

Download S&D White Paper: "Revolution of the customer-focused enterprise"

When it comes to technology, change is constant, inevitable, and largely beyond our control. We can't know what the future of the customer landscape will be, but successful organizations understand that being prepared for constant change in customer landscapes may be the best strategy to win in the future. With insights from this white paper, your organization can answer key questions, such as:

� Is our customer data currently available and accessible to activate whatever new channel, capability, or feature rapidly enough, in terms of meeting customer demand and keeping pace with competitors?

� Does our organization know what our customers' behavior, expectations and desires are, based on facts and insights?

� How are these insights being utilized when we interact with customers?

The best banks will be prepared to have the type of data foundation that enables them to respond to emerging opportunities and challenges. They will have laid the foundation of being at the top of their game in terms of the ability to leverage Information, Insight, and Interaction, to be state-of-the-art Customer Focused Enterprises. These leading financial institutions will be ready to capitalize on whatever cutting edge, tangential or otherwise emergent development occurs in the customer ecosystem. The question we must force ourselves to confront is: "are we going to be ready?" Learn more by downloading the paper, "Revolution of the customer-focused enterprise"