Achieve Rapid ROI with Cincom Eloquence® for Document Automation

Nov 08, 2010

Download �What Kind of Return Can We Expect on This Investment?�

It�s the question everyone has to face when they propose the purchase of a new technology solution. No matter what industry you�re in, you need to be able to demonstrate a significant return on investment (ROI) for the money you want to spend on new hardware, software, and services.

But ROI lives in the realm of the �bean counters�, and they determine it by taking a hard look at the projected cost savings and revenue increases expected to result from adopting the proposed technology solution. While it�s important to know how a new solution is going to impact the bottom line, strict fiscal measurements are often difficult to develop or accurately measure. As our customers can tell you, ROI is an important factor when considering an investment in a new document communications solution, but it is often a benefit unrelated to ROI that is the real impetus for making a change.

Consequently, measuring ROI isn�t something that can be boiled down to a one-size-fits-all series of steps. Every document communications automation project and every company is different, so you must first figure out what your company�s specific goals are, and then find the investments in hardware, software, and services you need to achieve those goals.