State of the ECM Industry 2011: How well is It meeting business needs?

by Kofax

Jul 01, 2011

Download Over the last few years, Enterprise Content Management has been one of the fastest growing areas of IT, outstripping traditional enterprise applications with its double-digit growth. Driven partly by the need to contain content chaos, but more positively, by the need to maximize employee productivity, improve knowledge sharing and reduce fixed costs, ECM has taken its place at the IT top-table, both as a concept and as a product.

There is no doubt that some organizations are struggling to achieve the vision of a single ECM system - one that manages all types of content, across the whole enterprise. However, as we will see in this report, the vision of "a single source of information for all" can be achieved through many different strategies. It may involve linking repositories, integrating applications, and implementing search portals. For many organizations, SharePoint plays its part in this ECM infrastructure, but it is by no means an exclusive part. As we will see, industry-specific needs are an important factor in setting ECM requirements for a significant number of organizations, and may call in to play vertical market specialists, robust repositories, best-of-breed integrations, open source components and SharePoint add-ons.

In this report, we look at the drivers for ECM investment, the adoption of collaborative technologies, use of outsourcing, user priorities, views of the future as regards cloud and open source, and spend intentions for the next 12 months.